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Challenge yourself with our specially curated 4-12 week programs designed by our top trainers. Compete against your friends by completing each Signature Challenge, where each is available on a limited time basis on 1Flex
A collaboration with fitness apparel brand LIVLOLA, Burn To The Rhythm combines the experience of listening to upbeat music and exercising into fun & effective rhythmic workouts. This program is built around 10 different upbeat tracks and we will be doing all the exercises to the beat of the music.

Each BTTR workouts will be a full body HIIT workout, consisting of a variety of upper body, core and lower body exercises, grouped together into combos that we will be repeating throughout the track.
About Our Trainer
Jasmin is a prominent fitness instructor, motivator and an impactful figure in the fitness and wellness community - as both trainer and educator, she finds it most rewarding when her students push themselves to get better each week, wanting more.
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